After this brutal winter, take a break this season to enjoy life. Rest assured knowing that we will make your lawns green, thick, and beautiful again.   J. Kramer Landscaping has your property’s long-term interests in mind. Learn more about our property maintenance plans on our website: Contact us today to get started: 973-948-7035.

What’s Involved in Property Maintenance

J. Kramer Landscaping offers a variety of services to maintain the beauty of your property all year long. Most of our lawn maintenance packages include Mowing, Weed Whacking, Edging & Blowing. Click here to see photos of our lawn maintenance crew in action.

Lawn Maintenance Before/After

The sooner we start treating and maintaining your lawn, the sooner it will come back to life. After the winter, your lawn will have developed a layer of dead grass, or thatch. J. Kramer Landscaping will use several specialized techniques to dethatch your lawn and recommend a fertilization plan.

Property Maintenance Services

J. Kramer Landscaping offers several property maintenance services to make your lawn healthy and beautiful all year long.

  • Spring Clean Ups – remove all traces of winter from your lawn
  • Dethatching – say goodbye to brown winter grass
  • Aeration – treat the roots right
  • Fertilization – get the green you’ve been craving
  • Weeding – they’re bound to show up, unless we show up first
  • Edging – the final touch to your perfect lawn
  • Pruning – awaken the beauty of your shrubs and plants
  • Over-seeding – invest in tough grass
  • Insect Control – insects will have to find a new home this season
  • Liming – give your grass a fighting chance next winter

Get Started Today

It’s been a long cold winter – let us get started reviving your lawn today while you enjoy the sun!


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