How has summer been treating you? We’ve been working non-stop 7-days a week to help our customers get the most out of summer. Most of our landscaping and hardscaping projects this season have been in Morris County, NJ. We’re excited to show you a few of the exciting projects we’ve been working on. If you like what you see, give us a call – 973-948-7035.

Pool Landscaping & Hardscaping in Morris County NJ

This summer we have been fortunate – we absolutely love working on pools. There are so many creative ways to design and build pools. Every project is different. Brick pavers, stone, tile, and other hardscaping materials can be combined to give your pool a unique look.

Here is the start of a pool project in Morris County. The plumbing is very important, but who wants to see it? By following a strict process, we hide it underground and safely protect it from the elements.

Starting a Pool

Starting a Pool

Unfortunately we missed a few pictures – We’ve been working non-stop! This looks much better.

Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up

This is the completed pool – just need to add water.

Completed Pool

Completed Pool

Here is a finished shot of another beautiful pool in Morris County. We used CVT Pavers for this project.

Pool Patio Paver Installation Morris County NJ

Pool Patio with Pavers

We used custom-cut stone for this pool to create a unique style.

Custom stone pool patio morris county nj

Custom Pool in Morris County

Walkways & Retaining Walls in Morris County NJ

We have also been busy building retaining walls and custom walkways in Morris County. It’s very important that they are installed properly. If corners are cut or the job is rushed, your walkway/retaining wall will fall apart over time. J. Kramer Landscaping has decades of experience, so that will never happen to a project we work on!

Landscaping in Morris County NJ

Do you have a landscaping project in mind that will make your summer more enjoyable? Give us a call today to get started!